Q&A – So Tired After My Runs?

Q: I am always tired after a run any longer then 45 min. To the point that i can’t seem to recover for the rest of the day, always feel like i can nap. And i never nap during the day. Any suggestions?


Up your carbs? If I don’t eat enough carbs, I feel disconnected and sleep a lot.

I eat freshly homemade guacamole after long runs. Seems to work wonders.

Are you monitoring your heart rate during your runs? If so, pay attention to your avgs during the runs where you feel the most tired. It sounds like you may be running at an intensity where you’re depleting your glycogen stores and are not sufficiently replacing them post-workout.

Recoverite takes me from sleeping after a half marathon to being fully functional rest of the day. I think it’s the boost of vitamins plus right mix of carbs/protein

Maybe not enough water. I feel drained when I am dehydrated

It sounds like dehydration or you don’t have enough fuel for your fire. I try drinking 4 liters of water per day, on more active days I’ll drink more. Also simple protein and carbs are needed to get your motor running. It can be as simple as peanut butter & an apple or banana, a handful of nuts. Just a little snack of a few hundred (or less calories) to kindle that fire 🙂

As a relatively new runner, here’s what I’ve figured out:
• I run better if I eat a banana 30 minutes before I run.
• If 45 minutes is my long run for the week, I take a rest day the day prior.
• Within an hour of finishing my run, I eat a snack that has protein and good carbs.
• I make sure I drink plenty of water throughout the day after a run.
If you really need a nap after a run, you are probably not getting enough sleep at night. Running takes a lot out of you. Try going to bed a half hour (or even an hour) earlier the night prior.
Good luck – don’t get discouraged!

If you do any kind of endurance sport, you absolutely need to replenish your electrolytes and such afterward (and during depending on how long the activity is lasting). Experiment with Gatorade, coconut water, GU, Clif shots and of course water—see what works the best for you, but definitely replenish. Recovery is an important part of exercising!

Eat a pre-run fuel meal and also a recovery snack. It will help you not be so sore also

Lots of great advice. As a diabetic — I’m wondering if you know if hypo/hyper glycemia could be an overarching issue for you..? And most of the advice proposed would solve either issue. Fuel is king. 🙂 BUT still — could be good to know what your blood sugar numbers are doing. If I’m low, I’ll experience the groggy/foggy/tiredness for the rest of the day. Or even two if I don’t manage things well…

There is a lot of good advice for you listed here. Pre run for me is coffee and peanut butter toast. Post run..banana and chocolate milk. You do sound like you are crashing. Check your blood sugar and iron levels.

I fuel my runs with a banana at least half an hour before. I have found that if I am dehydrated or I am not eating enough I totally tank out on my run and afterwards I feel exhausted. I hope you find what works for you 🙂

Go with what others said..you might need to fuel better, take care of hydration and also maybe lower pace a little untill you build up a really good endurance..more active mean more food.

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