Q&A Do you Run with Sunglassed on?

Question: Sunglasses?? Do any of you run with sunglasses on? I am so tired of squinting (and getting a headache) but any that I have tried fog up and slide around. What brands can you suggest I try? THANKS!!

Answers from Runners:

Ironman brand from Wal-Mart are my favorite. I have had them for close to 3 years now and I have not had any issues with them.

I wear a hat with a visor.

I do everytime and the are some cheap pugs from a convenient store. I figure as long as they fit snug. Also I do have to clean the sweat off periodically. Worth it in my opinion.

I wear Nike sunglasses. I LOVE THEM!!! I think they were like $30. They were bought for me, otherwise I would have never gotten them. They never fog or smear.

Yeah the ironmans are pretty resilient. I climb cell towers as a profession and I had a pair survive a 300′ drop on 3 differwnt occasions lol.

I have 2 pairs of naute sport sunglasses, 1 polarized one not, that I bought at a race expo, they are super lightweight, don’t bounce around. I’ve run a whole marathon with them on my head in case it was sunny they don’t move at all. They also make fog free lenses. I think I paid $29.99

Okay so I just looked mine up. I think I have Nike Impel Swift. and they are not 30 dollars. My bad. Got them as a gift so I had no idea! But I do love them. I have worn cheaper sports sunglasses and they do the job fine too! Just get a pair that IF you lost them, it wouldn’t break your bank account…

I wear under armer sun glasses

Yes I run no matter the time of day. I have ray bans. It helps they are also prescription.

I wear sunglasses every time. I don’t have a particular brand or anything. After breaking a few pricier pairs early on, now I just buy really cheap ones. No matter how much I paid for them or whatever brand it was at the time, I’ve always had them fog up on me too. I’ve never been able to figure out how to stop that from happening.

I also wear ironman sunglasses. They stay in place and are great!

I run with sunglasses. Couldn’t see without them!

Nike…$30 Big 5 best investment.

Nike – they don’t slide or fog and they curve around to block the sun from the side

I run w/prescription sunglasses. I got them at sears optical

I also like my Ironman sunglasses. I run with them all the time, and they’ve never had slipping problems or fogging issues. I think I paid $20 at Walgreens for them.

I wear Oakley. Rubber nose piece n some have vents.

I love running with sunglasses on I always feel like I’m wearing the magic sunglasses from big daddy great feeling like no one can see u

I can’t run without them! Invest in a good pair. Your eyes are worth it.

Glad to hear I am not the only one. Mine are nike and they fog up. I am really not happy cuz they are prescription. Took them back once. The adjustment didnt help much.

I run in my ray bands never have any trouble.

Oakley Flak Jacket XLJ Polarized, they dont fog and I have had them for probably four years now.

I have Serfas with interchangeable lenses. Under $50. The key is to get some with the little “vent cut out” on the lenses to keep them from fogging up. Love mine and the multiple lense colors!

They make antifog wipes we use them at work on our safety glasses…

Absolutely. Oakley’s, don’t slip.

I’ve found the cheaper the better. The $200 wrap arounds fog up. They look cool, but they fog up. I’ve been going with the wayfarer type dollar tree glasses. Try never fog, it’s more about air flow than brand or glass type. Just find some that are tight enough to stay up and have enough space around them for air.

Try a hat or visor that is black underneath. I have the same problem with glasses, even the non-fog glasses still fog.

I like the aviator kind…the thin metal frame makes them nice and light and I don’t get that pooled up sweat like I did with the thicker framed kind.

Jimenez Oakley are nice…but pricey! Tifisi are great and a lot cheaper in da wallet! Both don’t fog up.

love my Oakley, but most of the time I wear my prescription sunglasses…

I wear my prescription sunglasses when I run

TIfosi, light weight, don’t fog, don’t slide.

I do everyday. Just some Ralph Lauren sunglasses. Small plastic. And they do not move. I’ve always worn them. I have super sensitive eyes

Thank you for posting this! I ran in terrible winds this weekend and the debris/pollen blowing into my eyes was brutal — hats don’t help that! Going to check out the suggestions here 🙂

Polarized, but not very expensive ones, and I spray mine with the anti-fog stuff.

I wear prescription sport sunglasses (not Oakley, just the brand they sell at Eyemart) and apply Fogtech. Got it thru Amazon. Works well. Sunglasses fit snugly but not tight. They don’t bounce or slide.

Oakleys work for me. Get headaches from squinting also.

Tifosi, you can get polarized lens and interchangeable lenses…and it does not slide! Try looking it up at Ebay or Amazon.

Smith optics, they are light weight and I like running with them, Oakley to.

Love my Oakleys. Interchangeable lenses so I can go yellow for biking late in the day when not sunny enough for regular shades. Fogged a little this winter when I ran with my face covered. Run with a cap when it’s raining or overcast.

Im in Florida- Shades are for me mandatory! Too much SUN not to have them on. I have a great pair of Oakleys!

I run $10 off the rack fg’s, I just go for the ones that fit the best and are light. They usually last a year, then I get new ones

I run $10 off the rack fg’s, I just go for the ones that fit the best and are light. They usually last a year, then I get new ones

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