You know you’re a runner when you …

You know you’re a runner when you start to wear platform/heals then think you better not take a chance because you have a race this weekend so you switch to flats. (I don’t wear heals regularly.)
Feel free to add your own “when…”

1) You know your a runner when you are thrilled to get Band-Aids, Body Glide and socks in your Christmas stocking.

2) You know you’re a runner when you get an injury and the doctor has to prescribe rest, pain pills, and anti-depressants so you can get through the next six weeks 🙁

3) You know you’re a runner when you’re not afraid of port-o-potties!

4) YAY!!! Me!!! I am all about comfy shoes now and NOT heals. Maybe once in a blue moon. I have some platform type things that are about a 1″ heel.

5) You know You’re a runner when your running shoes cost more than your regular shoes

6) you know ur a runner, when you don’t care whose watching, you take off your sweaty clothes in the parking lot…. 🙂

7) You know youre a runner when traveling you can fit all you stuff in a carry on but opt for the checked bag because you dont feel like explaining to TSA the bags of white powder you are trying to bring on the plane because you have a long run planned..bonus your foam roller fits in said checked bag

8) You know you’re a runner when you see a distance marked out on a highway sign “5 miles until your next exit” and you think “I could totally run that!”

9) When you don’t own heels or flats….just running shoes and flip flops

10) When you pack for a conference for your trade association and bring your running gear… New unexplored territory

11) When you tell someone, no I can’t commit to anything else, I’m training for my first half marathon.

12) You know you’re a runner when the family get together ALWAYS seem to fall on race weekend.

13) You know you’re a runner when shopping at department stores for “regular” attire gives you an anxiety attack! ” THIS DRESS ISNT DRI-FIT!”

14) When you have a mild anxiety attack when you’re local chain pharmacy is out of KT tape, lol!

15) When you compare road sign numbers to running miles. Lol

16) When you don’t have another beer so you won’t feel like crap for the next mornings run!

17) When you have more running shoes in your closet than any other type of shoe…..
18) When going away the first thing you pack are your running clothes and shoes

19) Someone offers you a pair of jimmy choo’s and you would rather have trainers lol

20) when while you are driving anywhere, you check out if it would be a good run route 🙂 (I also stopped wearing heels and switched to flats; first half coming up in 3 weeks and I’m not taking any chances lol)

21) When your boyfriend seriously starts to think that you’re cheating on him with a mystery man that you will only refer to as FRC

22) When you’re so used to blowing/wiping your nose on your shirt during runs that during allergy season in your house you start to raise your shirt instead of looking for a kleenex before you realize what you are doing!!! LOL!!!

23) when you feel an uneven walking surface!

24) you eat at different times than the family so your bodily functions are less likely to affect your running for the day.

25) You have a frustrating day at work and you can’t wait to beat a few miles out to center yourself.

26) When you get excited to get running clothes, accessories, equipment. Also when you pass on snowboarding and any other sports that use your legs to save your legs for a race.

27) When the places you used to drive to run, you now run to and run!

28) When u need to stay up a little later to put running clothes in the dryer for the morning run…

29) You have multiple tan lines from your various running clothing. And you pick out sunglasses based on how they will sit while you are running.

30) When you go out to the car and you forgot something from the house and instead of walking back to house, you RUN!

31) When a non runner friend starts talking about how “awesome their day was” and all you hear is blah blah blah because you haven’t gone for your run.

32) When you find yourself driving on the left side of the road when you’re on your running route or the local 5k route!

33) when a fun event is coming to town (a ROC, obstacle course based on Wipeout type theme!) but it is 2 weeks before 1/2 marathon, and just CANT risk injury!

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