I get red face after running

Question for my fellow running friends-
Every time I run my face turns bright red!! And I mean red! I’ve had people stop me to ask if I’m ok. I have read articles that say it’s related to hydration… But I drink and live by the “lemonade” rule (very light yellow potty). Any help would be appreciated. Thanks friends!!

Answers by Runners:

so, this is just my problem, but when I wear lotion or cream sunscreen, that happens to me. in general, I probably have really red cheeks after any run, no matter the weather, but when I wear any type of lotion or cream or even makeup, it somehow keeps my face from breathing and I turn bright red. now I get bare minerals sunscreen, so it’s sort of a powder substance. it doesn’t run in my eyes (bonus) and my face isn’t a furnace after.

Following. I’m the same way. I drink 120-150 oz of water everyday but I still get a bright red face and it seems to last forever after I run. Charles Rubright do you know why???

I think it has to do with the capillaries in the face being close to the surface of ur skin and being wide open due to blood flow? Maybe?

I get bright red whenever I run or work out hard. Nothing to worry about. Some of use just aren’t quite as cute as others when we exert ourselves!! LOL!!!!

The same thing happens to me. I was told it show my body releases heat.

Lots of people get red when they exert themselves. Just smile and say I’m fine…just working hard!

I’m the exact same way! It takes me probably 30 min to an hour to have my face not be a tomato!

could just be genetic…consider your ethnic background…i’m nearly all Irish and apparently some sort of capillary thing causes my whole family to look like we’re about to stroke out anytime we get active.

I have run for 38 years; this has ALWAYS happened to me. I used to be embarrassed until I realized that my skin was bring well perfused; which leads to younger skin, just as smoking causes decreased perfusion, leading to very old looking skin. Feel better?

Maybe this is why I’ve had several people tell me I’m glowing…no.I’m not pregnant…I did think it was just due to overall increased health…now I know it’s perfusion…

that is me too! but that’s how everyone figures if i worked out really hard because my face is so red. but i feel good afterwards.

I always get the red face – even after just 5 minutes sometimes. My co- workers and I joke about it as the P90X face, a group of us did the program together so now when myself and the others from that original group get back after a lunchtime workout; running, lifting, tennis, whatever – we all know what’s up lol! I’m definitely the most obvious though so I figure, people just know you’re working hard and being awesome is hard work!

I thought it had to do with being fair skinned. My sister and son turn almost purple they are so red. Does worry people. But just how they roll.

I too have this problem which is why I have trouble running outside where people will see me. I wear a baseball cap. But also I have very fair skin I think that’s most of it and we get so hot!

It’s how your body releases the heat… My face does the same thing.

Your not by yourself. I hydrated well and I’m still red faced. Can’t figure it out. Oh well. I’ll keep on running.

Yeah I am dutch I get very red. However, I also tend to overheat if my body does not sweat like it is supposed to so I have to monitor it. I usually do not really sweat until I stop. I find if I wear a sweat band I sweat more than if I do not. So if you do not sweat you could try a sweat band. My face still turns red though. My grandpa’s did as well. My arms and chest get lobster color too when I run

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