Favorite Run Facebook Page Q&A – Am I too old to start running?


“I will be 43 this month. I’ve been running for about 3 years. I’ve done a few 5k and running my first 10k in September. I would like to continue on to run a half and a full. Do u think given my age that I’m setting myself up for failure? Am I just too old?”


No way!!! Never too old. I started running last April at 43 and I did 2 1/2 marathons last year and training for one right now.

You’re never too old! I’ll be 53 in Nov and I’m doing my first 5k in September! Good luck!!

I started running right when I turned 40. Now I am 42 and training for my first half in October. The only failure is not doing it.

Are you serious? all kidding aside – I did my first triathlon at 67 and did a half at age 69. not easy, but if you follow a good training program, you certainly can, and you can do it well. the training program gives you confidence to know you sincerely trained and also gradually gets you to the distance you need before race day. good luck!!

I will be 43 in October, I just signed up for my first 10k and my first half marathon. We are not too old!!!!

NOT at all! Age is a number! I was never a runner and took it up at 34 years old! Its all in your head! Your passions should never end because of age!

No way! Many people start running later in life and do really well at it. You can definitely train for a marathon!

I’m 45 and I started running two years ago. I ran my first half marathon 4 months after I began (5 total so far) and last November. I ran my first full marathon. Lace up and do it! Have fun.

I ran my first full at 42 . Age is just a number. It doesn’t have to be fast. You just have to cross the finish line. You got this!

I started in 2010 and I am now 46 and I’ve run 47 half-marathons and 6 full marathons and plan on continuing until I no longer desire to run…

Just turned 43 this year and did my first half. It was amazing!

At 43 you are still a baby. My ex-colleague who’s about 66 now and still running strong, started running at 55. He did his 1st Comrades at 60.

Have you heard of the 91 year old woman who ran the San Diego marathon beginning of June this year? No age is too old!!

Never!!!! I never ran a day in my life & decided at 40 that I wanted to! Now at 46 I have ran 2 Chicago Marathons & over 20 half marathons!!!! You’re never to old to start a new goal 🙂

Omg! No way! I started running at 41 and I’m 45 now! Started with 5ks and worked my way up! Half marathons, 2 marathons and a 50k! I plan on running in my 70s! You are never to old!!

I hope not. I’m 45 and started at 43. My goal is to do a half this year too. I feel better and look better now than when I was younger.

Enjoy and keep on going. I have ran and passed by people on oxygen..no joke! You can do it at your young age

Nope! Not too old at all! Just make sure to strength train and do not over train!

NOO! I started at 40 and I’m 47 now and running better than ever! You can download good training schedules from runners world or women’s running orang other websites for free. Try a running group too if you can. You can learn from other runners and have company during those long runs. remember. YES YOU CAN!

Never to old! I started running Jan of 14 and rand my 1st half in October of 14. Make sure u do 3 runs before a half at least 9 to 10 miles.

Go for it! I began running in 2012, I will be 43 next month and have completed a few 5Ks and two half marathons. You will go as far as you believe you can go – and you WILL go far! As Chelle said, go for it!

I did my first half at 51, you can do it!

You can do anything your heart desires! I’m running my first full in October at 42! You can do it too!

I just turned 44 a couple days ago and did my first half at the age of 42 and did my second half at 43. You are never too old to achieve your dreams. I mean, look at the 70 some year old lady that completed that 100 mile endurance run!! I say go for it!

Not at all….I will be 46 in August and do my first half marathon in September.

Please don’t make me laugh. I’m 47 on Friday and doing my first ultra in October

Never too old! I started running in earnest 2 years ago I have. completed my first half have a few more this year and I am entering my first Endurance Ultra Marathon next year just few months before my 42nd birthday.

Are you kidding? I started running half marathons at age 56, first full at 60! I had been running since the 70’s, but started the longer distances in my older years, LOL!

Ran my first marathon to celebrate turning 50!

Are you Kidding me- People run in their 90s!!!!!

No! I started at same age and ran 4 half marathons last year! You got this! Stay consistent!

I’ve been running for 4 years and, at 63, ran my first 1/2 this past May. I think one key is to gradually increase miles/pace so that you don’t injure yourself or burn out because you’re over-running. And LISTEN to your body – if it’s telling you to rest/dial down, listen to it. It’s a journey.

NO WAY My ulrtra unning started in my 50’s GPO FOR IT smile emoticon

I am now 68 and still running! Did a full marathon at 54. Lost count of half Marathons somewhere after the 30 mark! If you have the will, there’s a way! A training group is great, if you have one available.

Never too old! I ran my first marathon when I was 43! And my friend ran her first one at 59! Go for it!

I’m 43 and win races. Place in the top 10 most other races. Started running @ age 38. So nope your not to old. You will surprise yourself on what you can do.

I am 60 started running in January and have done 5 5K’s. Your never to old!

I am 41 and started running last year…I will be doing my first Marathon in October…The ONLY way you will fail is if you quit!!! Keep going!!!

I’m 49 and I am training for my first half. …..just do your best and never quit!

I’m 39 and doing my first 50k on August 1st. I’ve already ran 5k, 10k, half and full marathon. You got this, girl.

Get outta here – “too old”! There is no such thing!!!! Keep doing what you are doing and achieve your goals. You’ve totally got this!!!

Turned 44 in January and just ran my first full in June.

You can do whatever you want! Your never too old to have a goal! I started running 3yrs ago too! Have done 5ks, 10ks, Obsticle Course runs, 1/2 Marathon & my 1st Full for my 40th birthday. Remember your race , your pace, do what feels right for you!

I am turning 43 this September. ..I started running less than a year…I just ran my first half marathon less than 2 wks ago. ..I finished in 2:32…consistency. ..i didn’t set any speed records…but i did set a new distance record for myself. ..my motto “my race,my pace”!! 🙂 Go for it….

If you are, i am in a shit load of trouble. I am 54 and chasing my first marathon and have ultras on my bucket list.

Go slow & build. Listen to your body. Get good sneaks fitted by a professional. You want it, you can do it!!

Of course not, I’m 42 years old and just completed my first half a few months ago, my first 5k I completed 14 months before that.

Never too old! I’m 43 years old, just ran three consecutive half marathons and even gave birth to my 2nd child!!!!! Age is just a number! I’m in better shape now than I was in my 20s!!!! Moving into marathons in 2016!!!

I started running in January at age 43. Since then I have done two 5ks, two 10ks and a signed up for a half in October. You only fail if you don’t try.

I ran my first 1/2 this year at 43 and I have never been what would call ‘a runner’. I made a NY resolution to do it. My training was not on any sort of formal plan…in fact, I didn’t start until about a month out. My goal was to finish in under 2 hours. At 43, I did it. You can definitely do it!!!!

Ran my first 5k at 53. I’m 57 now and have completed 18 halfs. I want to do a full before I’m 60. Age is just a number.

Nope I’m 46 been running a few years and ran two halves this summer. You got this!

Are you kidding? I’m 54 and I completed a 1/2 Ironman a couple of years ago. Running will keep you young! You go girl!

Nope! I turned 40 and have run 2 so far, will be 43 this Fall and planning on running a third one!! All about determination!!

After having a partial knee replacement at 46 with orders to never run, jog, jump again.. My determination kicked in and said well I can still WALK, and many 5ks, 10k, and lots of training miles later plus 3 half marathons!! .. Oh and a pacemaker too! It’s all the same finish line and the runners are very courteous to the walkers!! Enjoy your runs!!

I ran my first 1/2 at age 45! You go on with your bad self and run! Go at your own pace and kill it!

With the proper training anything is possible when you listen to your body! I started running 2 years ago – I’ve run 5ks, 10ks, 2 1/2 marathons & ran my first marathon last fall the week of my 40th birthday! Happy to say I’m heading to the Chicago Marathon with the Danny Did Foundation! Set a goal & work for it ~ anything is possible!

I am 49 and recently completed my first half and it was an amazing, emotional, exhilarating experience! GO FOR IT! You will not be sorry! I am totally going to run another one! You can do it

I started running when I was 49 and did my first marathon at age 50. It became ore than exercise for me…it is a way of life and I believe it is keeping me younger! Set your goals and live life to the fullest. Age is just a number!

No way. I did not start running till I was 53 and I did a half in Feb.

Absolutely not! I started running at age 40 and ran a full marathon last year at 44. Consistent training and you will do great!

I started back running when i was 44 i will be 50 in Oct. Just start out comfortable pace.Last Nov i ran a 5k in 17minutes 50 seconds. Never to old

No way, never too old. Started running two years ago. Last year I completed my first half marathon, and now I’m working on 4 and 5. I’m 40

I started running for the first time in jan 15. I was 260 lbs. Today I am 190 and JUST signed up for a half marathon. If I can do this… You can do this. Age is just a number!!

Never too old to run! I ran my first half last April at the young age of 50!

There is no age limit for running distance!!! It takes a good training plan and motivation!!! Started running at 56 years old and ran 7 half marathons between 60 and 65 (and got better at running with training)… I was not a runner prior to that! I’m considering a full marathon before I’m 70!!! Age does not matter!!!

Don’t doubt yourself. You can do what you set your mind to. You go girl💯💯

Too old?! Ha! Ran my first half and full when I was 42. Go for it!

I started running at age of 40. Focus on your goals. My race, my pace! You can do it!

As you can see, do not sell yourself short, your young compared to some of the people I run with. Age is just a number.

Hell to the NO!!!! 45 did 2 this year, age has nothing to do with it!!!’ Just train smart and give yourself time to recover!

I started running less than two years ago at the age of 50!! I’v done a bunch of 5k’s…in one coming in 3rd female overall. I’ve ran 4 half marathons and have done three Triathlons and have 2 Tri’s and another half coming up. You’re never too old to start…keep going!!

I started running last year and ran my first half February 2015. I’m 45! You’ve got this!

OMG no! I am 47. Running a 10 miler in August!! Keep running!!!!

No!! you are not too old! you are 16 years younger than me and i’m planning my first marathon in the fall.

Um…what?? I started running at 47, have lost count of the races I’ve done and I’m now training for the Chicago Marathon. I’ll be 50 when I run the marathon. My goal is to run long enough to be the only one in my age group so I can finally place in a race.

I have completed 2 marathons without any real training beforehand, you train right you can run 50 miles, 43 is not old.

Nope I am 43. Have run many halfs and 2 full marathons you can do it

Really age is a mindset. I run with women who are in the 80’s. They may not be as fast as some of the rest but who cares. I only hope to be capable of doing the same at that age. The only thing I would suggest is to train for whatever you are doing as with aging you do not want injuries.

Absolutely not!!! I ran my first marathon at 39. I’ve done 1 a year now and I’ll be 51. I run 1/2’s now like I use to run 10k. Age means nothing.

Ran my first 1/2 last month at age 47 and have been running two years. HELL yeah you can do it! DO IT!

I ran my first marathon at age 46 no you are not too old!

I am 47 and ran my first 1/2 marathon in May. My suggestion is to train if your going to go a 1/2 and full. Most races have training plans. Use them. It helped me for sure!! You CAN do this!

I ran my first half at age 40. My first full at age 42, with a time of 3:49:28. Follow a training program (I like Hal Higdon) and you can sooooo do it…at ANY age!#

My best friend started running at age 43. Now she wins or places most of the time in her age category and runs multiple marathons and is working towards ultras. You are Not too old!!!

I am 52 and have been seriously running for a year i have my first 10K coming up and working towards 1/2. Age is only a number…set your goal and aim for it!

I’m 44 and just started running last year. Several 5Ks, a few 10Ks, four half marathons done and three more on the books for this fall along with my first full in November. It’s all mental attitude!! Don’t cut yourself short… Especially based on age alone!! You’ve got this!

You are at a perfect age for a half! Good luck 🙂

You can do anything you put your mind to!

No way! I started running at age 50. I have almost been running for three years and have completed 3 half marathons. You can do anything you put your mind to.

I was 43 y/o when I ran my first marathon and it was a full marathon! All that’s keeping you from it is yourself. Do it! Just find a good plan to follow. Find a running group to keep you motivated and accountable.

I have only been running a few years – I will turn 47 next week and am running my first half in August. Age is a deterrent only if you allow it to be.

NO! I’m 45 and I did my first half last year and have done 3 since and will keep doing them as long as I can! It has nothing to do with age! Just train for it and get your head in the game – GOOD LUCK!

Heck no you’re not too old!!!! I was 47 when I ran my first half and 50 when I ran my first Marathon. It’s addictive though so be very careful!!

I’ve been wondering the same. I’m 47 with lots of 5ks and a few 10ks. I’m about 90% committed to possibly maybe doing a half in November. How’s that for commitment? Lol I’m trying this summer to up my Saturday runs slowly. I’m up to 7.5. It’s not pretty but we get it done. Good luck to you! I’m right there with ya!

That’s when I started to run and did my first half. I had done other workouts before but not running. never too late!!

I was 58 when I ran my first half in May. I’ll be 59 when I do my second in October! Dream big and go for it!

OMG you’re not old!!! Keep running & don’t give up. I’m 46, started running like 2-3 years. Finally did my first half Oct 2015 & this year I’m doing 2 more. I’m doing the training for a full marathon just for shits & giggles I’ve joined a running club and it’s the best thing I’ve done. I got a 12 mile.

I’ll be 50 this year. I started running 3 years ago. My race bibs cover my home office wall like wallpaper. I’ve run too many 5Ks to count, several 10Ks, 5 halves and 1 full. You’re never too old! 🙂

I started running at 52 & so far I’ve completed 35 half marathons so you are never too old…

I am 48 and slightly above average body size. I started running regularly just shy of 2 years ago. My farthest distance to date is an 8k. But I am currently training for a DuAthlon and my 1st half marathon. My goal for both is to cross the finish line. Just find a training plan, stick with it, seek assistance from others (I have been working with a coach to develop my plan to ensure success and try to avoid injury), and listen to your body.

Too old? Heck NO! I’m 49, have been running for about 2 yrs and ran the Disney Princess Half Marathon last Feb. Get some good shoes. Have a running store professional help you in getting the right ones. Cross train. Follow a program and if you can get in with a local running group, do that. Learn about hydration and fuel. Stay injury free and have a blast!

Go for it! I was 57 when I ran my first half (well, okay, I walked a lot of it!). Pay attention to everything you read about recovery days – more important after 40 – and approach your training sensibly. It’s worth it!

Ran my first 5K at 50, my first half at 52, and will run my first full at 54 this fall!

Haha. Too old? I started running at 59 and completed my first full last year and will do two more fulls this fall. You can do this!

No, keep going I’m 44 ran 3 1/2’s and working on a full in the near future your never too old

I have a friend who never ran before and was challenged to do a half marathon and she took on the challenge and was very successful. She was 60 at the time! She needed very little recovery time, because she was taking plant based products that gave her body the nutrients it needed all through the race. It was an amazing experience for her.

No way! I am going on 45 and am more than 100 pounds overweight ….I will be doing a half marathon next May. You got this girl!

NO!!!!! I didn’t start running til I was 57. Since then I’ve run 13 5ks & 3 half marathons. It’s not age that matters it’s your spirit

No I’m 57 ran 5ks, two 10ks, 3 half marathons and two 25k that’s 15miles. I’ve only been doing this it will be a year in august. Good luck you can do it, run, walk you can do it….

NOT TOO OLD,it is what you think you can do,plan it out well do what you can NEVER A FAILURE.

43 and just started running at 41. I’ve done 2 halfs already following the Jeff Galloway method. Now I can’t go more than a few days without needing a good run!

I am 40 never ran in my younger years. Started running 3 years ago. Have run many 5k’s a couple 10k’s and now doing my 1st half in November. Disney wine and dine. Excited to show this 40 year old she can do it. So can you

I ran my first Full exactly 30 days from my 50th birthday. I’m preparing for my 5th now. I’m 54 and just had a substantial PR in the 10K. I sure hope you’re not too old! wink emoticon

No way, I’ve to a lot of half and full races and have ran with people in their senior years. An 80 year old lady ran a half in Huntington Beach at 2:15 and she’s only been running for 10 years. Your body will adapt to whatever changes you bring as long as you do it healthily and not force it. You’ll be ok. Good luck!

Heck no, you’re not too old!! I started 5 years ago when I was 45– last fall at 49 I ran my first full and had completed 5 halves up to that point!! I also plan on doing another full in the next cpl years!!

I started running at 42. My first race was a HM last month I ran mu first 100 miler. Believe and achieve. Age is just a number. Go girl, the world’s your oyster and you can do it.

GO FOR IT! I’m 46, and I have my 1st half coming up in Oct. who knows what races I’ll enter after that? I feel like the (race) world is my oyster! I would love to do Ragnar!

I started running at 46 at the gym on a treadmill ,now a year later I have ran a few 5k’s a 10 miler and in May I ran my very first half marathon and I ran the entire race….your body achieves what the mind believes!! You can do it!!!!

Never! I’m 42 and have been running consistently for about 2 years. I have completed 3 halfs, am signed up for my 4th and am signed up for my first triathlon. YOU CAN DO IT!

I just started running last year at 56. I ran my first half this April, and am running another one this fall. I’m planning on doing a full for my 60 th birthday. You are never too old. Train smart and listen to your body. Good luck and have fun.

No, you are not too old!! I started running at 43. Prior to that I’m not sure you could have paid me to run. I’ve done countless races including 2 half marathons. Find a training plan that works for you… And trust in that plan. You can most definitely do it… And remember to have fun and enjoy the race. I still remember the emotions I felt crossing the finish line for my first half (yes there were tears 🙂 ). Good luck!

I am 56 and just ran my firt 10 miler and the Cape Cod Rangnar Relay this past spring. Go for it!!! You are NEVER too old!

I started running at 40! Like you I did 5ks and 10ks! At 47 I ran my first 1/2! I’ve run 4 1/2s!! Today at 51 I’m in training for my first full!! You are never to old! It’s just harder then the young pups!! You can do it!!!

I started running at 63. I’ve finished 5Ks, 10Ks, a marathon relay, and a half marathon. Consistency is what will take you where you want to go as a runner. We can’t all be 10 min milers, but if you have enough heart, you can finish any race you start.

You’re just getting started. I ran my first half when I was 64 and have run 10 since. I ran my first full marathon when I was 67. So, go for it!!!

Of course!! I ran my first half marathon at 40 and loved it.. Great since of accomplishment! Yes you can do it!!!! Race on!

Absolutely not…..I’m 50 and this has been my 3rd year running. I have a few 5k and a couple of 10k under my belt and soon will be preparing for my 1st half.

Heck no! I plan on doing my 1st half a few days before my 43rd bday…my bday present to myself!!

No .. go for it.. I didnt do my first Half till I was 58.. now I have do 80 and 8 fulls..i never even ran 3 miles till I started training for my first half…

Running is your bodies natural way to express its self. As a small child you were running all the time and everywhere right. When you became an adult you stop running. Now you want to start running again. Well that’s Great. Get to it and please do not set any limits on yourself…. Run Forest Run…Hahaha

Never!! I started running at 38. I’m now 41 and have run a ton of 5ks and 10ks. I finally feel confident enough to run an 11 miler and my 1st half marathon this fall. You are never a failure as long as you try!

I was older than 43 when I did my first half marathon. Just how fit you stay as you age makes all of the difference.

Hell no!!! I ran my first marathon at 40, currently 48 and have run 10 half marathons and 7 full,doing 8th in October. Age is only a number!!!!

You’re kidding, right? I ran my first HM at 58, my first Marathon at 61, my first Half Ironman at 62, and my first Full Ironman at 63. Most of the older competitors I know started later in life. Many of the younger runners ruin their knees by the time they’re 50 and have to quit. Because you waited, you’ll be able to run for the rest of your life!

Not at all. I just started running a couple years ago when I started losing weight (I’m 40). I just completed my first marathon in May. You can do it!

You make me laugh. I started running at age 47. Did my first half at age 51 ( 2 hr 15 min) and my second half 4 months later. Never too old. It’s all in your head.

I am 55 and have been running for 27 years. I did my first full marathon last year with no injuries or problems. I feel healthier and stronger than ever.

I am 56 and started running two years ago with MS and a pacemaker! Ran my first half last fall and signed up for two halves this fall! Your never too old, keep up the good work, you’ll be great!!!

I will be 73 this month, started running about 4 or 5 years ago, have done several 5K’s, a few 10 & 12K’s and a few half marathons. If I can do it in my 70’s, you damn sure can do it in your 40’s. The only thing that can stop you is you.. Conceive, Believe, Achieve… The believing is always the hardest part… go do it…

I am 40 and one of my best running buddies is 62. I have a very hard time keeping up with her but I love every minute of it! She does marathons I’ll the time. Age has nothing to do with running. Please understand that.

Nope!! You’re ready to go the distance. If you download a training program for a 1/2 marathon, you’re going to rock it!!

You are never too old! Look at the lady who ran a marathon in her 70’a recently and the other who ran the 100 miles in less than 24 hours.

NO! You are nt too old or setting yourself up for failure. Read the book older stronger faster! It is amazing and you will never think “too old” again!

I am turning 59 this October and I have only done 5ks and I will be running my first half marathon in September.

Absolutely not! I’m 54 just started running 6 months ago. Had a bad hip my entire life until hip replacement 2 1/2 years ago. Did a 10K 2 months ago and a 1/2 marathon last month!

Absolutely not!! I just got started about 4 years ago, and did my first half marathon last year at age 41. It’s never to late to adopt a healthier lifestyle and you can’t beat that “runners high” Best of luck to you! smile emoticon

I ran my first 1/2 Marathon at age 60–never ran in my life. Took some quality supplements to allow me to repair rapidly and took great energy and whole food supplements. Fast repair as a result and great consistent energy

Bite your tongue and know that the devil is a liar…I’m 51, soon to be 52. I started running a 5k each month when I turned 41. 10 years later last year I ran my first road race series (one of each distance), and I ran back to back half marathons. ..RRS half in November, and St. Jude half in December. …don’t stop. ..stay strong. ..you have many miles to go before you sleep…

I’m 52. Started running at 46. Ran my first half 2 years ago and am running two more halfs this winter, back to back. Not sure if I’ll ever attempt a full but you are DEFINATELY not too old. And, FYI, even if you attempted and had to walk part, the fact that you tried will ALWAYS make you a winner. Failure isn’t an option.

I ran my first full marathon at age 44 without even doing a half first. Since then I’ve run 4 marathons, with my last one just last year at age 57. If I can do it, you can too!

You are never too old for anything! Age is a matter of mind and I suggest you erase this “too old” concept from yours! Just go out and kick some ass!!! If you have that dream and desire, chase it!!!

I did not even start running until I turned 45. Did not run ever, thought it was a crazy, ridiculous sport. I have ran 9 marathons, numerous halves and ran AR 50 which is a full 50 miles and I have done that this past 5 years. I am now 50 and hoping to keep enjoying every mile!

I’m 45 and have been running less than 2 years. Completed a full within one years time. I’ve signed up for a run or event every month for 15 mos until a stress fracture stopped me for a while. I’m back at it w a half coming up next Sunday. One is never too old to start or enjoy running. So I say’Do it!

I started running at 62 and my next half will be number 11 . . . stick to a reasonable training plan and go just with the expectations to finish your first one . . . you’ll be overwhelmed when you finish and just plain hooked!

I didn’t START running until I turned 50! I’ll be 54 in a few weeks. I’ve run numerous 5 & 10ks, 3 halves and 1 full. Back to running 10 miles on long runs 6 months after a motorcycle accident that left me with a broken hip and spiral fracture in femur. Didn’t have to have a hip replacement BECAUSE I was in great shape from running. FORGET your age and live your dream!

Absolutely not!! I started running at the age of 40, I’m now 43, I’ve done numerous races, 5k’s, 10k’s, 15k’s 1/2 marathon and numerous obstacle races. I’m signed up for my 2nd 1/2 in October. It’s all mental, I do a different race when I sign up, don’t look at the course outline, and run!! I know I’ll never be an elite runner but I have gotten faster with age

I am 67 and STARTED running 3+ years ago. I’ve used Jeff Galloway’s Run/Walk/Run method and have done 4 half marathons. My first marathon will be in Jan. when I will be 68! You can do it!

Started running 1 year ago. Couple months ago I completed a half and in December will run in my first marathon. My inspiration is the 92 year old woman who completed the San Diego marathon in 7:42…. Never to old!

I’m 56, started running 4 yrs ago. Never ran a step in my life till then! Finished my first half marathon 2 yrs ago and doing another this fall. Age has nothing to do with it. GO FOR IT!

Crazy too old, NEVER!!!!!! I’m turning 40 in November just signed up for my first whole, I think the signing up part is hardest, the body always trumps the brain. You’ll never know if you never try. You can do it!!!

I started running at age 41. (If you call it that couldn’t run a min straight. Not kidding ) did my 1st 5k 3 months later (no walking ) at age 42. Did my 1st half at age 43. (Could have done year before but I was chicken ) had a record half at 1:58 at age 44. Ran my 1st full at age 44 . 4:39 mins. Did my second full at age 44. I’m doing another full at age 45 in April 2015. You got this!

I had a gym teacher in Middle School that said, “If you don’t start running now, you are going to be out of shape for the rest of your life.” I thought of her as I crossed the finish line of my first half marathon last September. I started running 19 months, 5 pairs of shoes, two orthotics, one inhaler, and two knee braces ago. Do what you want to do, no matter how old you are. It is NEVER too late to be the person you want to be.

My mother’s 50+a couple and she’s only been running for 4or5 years and has run many halfs. It’s hard on your body but just take care of it. Train properly and stretch really well. I’m 34 and I can’t keep up with my mom!

Not at all, I am 59 started running a couple years ago. Just ran my first half in April and will be running my first marathon in Chicago this October with #saucony26strong.

I’m 46, done 14 full marathons, 1 full ironman, 3 halves and many others in between. Started at 40, go get them.

I am 49 and did my first full marathon last October. I am slow but I go! If you’ve been cleared by your doctor, then train well and have fun on race day!

Absolutely not! I started running in 2011 and since than I’ve ran numerous 5ks,10ks, halves, 3 full marathons and a ultra . This year I’m running two marathons. and Amy 47 about to turn 48. Anything is possible when you believe in yourself.

Never! You go girl! Ran my first half last month at 40. Runners come in different shapes, sizes and age!

Absolutely not. I’m 49, and just started running 3 months ago. I did my first 10k July 4th Atlanta Peachtree Road Race!

I did my first half at age 50 after only running a couple of years. Now, I’ve done 4…. I work out but don’t really train as far as running. Some of those I ran the whole time, some I ran/walked. Proud of myself either way .., you can do whatever you put your mind to!!!! Good luck!!! You’re never too old !!!

You’re definitely not “too old!” I started running at 42; I did my first half at 43 and my first full marathon in May at 44. However, as a “masters” runner (40+), it is especially important to work on gradually increasing your mileage towards your goal distance and have at least one rest day a week to avoid overtraining injuries. As long as you have good shoes, a sensible training plan and a positive attitude, you can do this!!

I just ran my first half this year and I am 53. Took me a little longer to train for it, 6 months, but I did it.

Of course not!! Go for it!! I’ve always ran but not distance. Normally 5k, then 10K. I ran my first half 2012 at the age of 51. Since then I’ve run 15 halfs. I ran my first full this year at age 53. I’m now 54 training for NYC marathon for Nov. then 2 more fulls for 2016. Age ain’t nothing but a number. Age does not define a person’s limitations. My motto is No Limitations!!

started running at 44, fifteen years ago. I’ve run lots of 5 and 10k’s plus half marathons. I am running my first marathon in October. No you’re not too old or late. Go for it!

Oh my no!! I started running at 52 and am in my fourth year of running. My speed and distance had increased every year.

I started a little over 2 years ago, at 41. I’ll be just days after my 44th birthday when I run my first half. We are NEVER too old to take our life and happiness into our own hands (or running shoes) and go with it! Blessed are those that take the first step to the rest of their lives!

NO! Look at it this way. The older you get even if your time sucks you can win FIRST place in your age group!!! Get cool shit!!! LOL run on my friend run on!!

I was a smoker for 20 years, 315lbs and 43 when I took my first step. 3 marathons 6 half marathon and a ton of other distances….YES YOU CAN DO IT.

I ran my first full last year when I was 47 and had only been running for about a year and a half. I also did 2 halves last year. So go for it

No way!! I started running at 39. I ran my first full marathon at age 44, and just completed the Dopey challenge this past January. If you feel good, and can still run, run as far as you can!!!

I started running when I was 47. I’m 54 now and I’ve run several 5Ks, 10Ks, halfs and one marathon! You are never to old! Just take it slow and steady for increasing your mileage. You can do it! Good luck!

Didn’t start running until I was 43 and have done many 5ks,10ks, and 3 halfs. Doing a full next. You can do anything you put your mind to.

Go for it! I started running a 5K for my 60th & finished a marathon this year in April at 64.

Girl! You are kidding me! You are just getting started! In am 43 and while I am no speed demon, I feel I am in the best shape of my life. I want to do a marathon this year. I can do it. You can do it. You CAN do it! Have fun!

I just started running last year over 40 and I have completed 2 half marathons and have 4 more scheduled before January. You can do it. It’s mind over matter.

No, I’m 54 and have only been running 3 years. We can do anything we set our minds to. Just eat right, train right and hydrate. You’ve got this!!

I’m 60, and I, too, just started running 3 years ago. I’ve ran about 10 5k’s 1 10k and 1 15k and in Oct. I’m doing my 1st 13.1, so, no, you’re not too old!!!

I’m going on 48 and training for my 3rd marathon in October. Age is just a number and it’s all about how you take care of yourself. Harriot Thompson look her up she’s an amazing marathoner at age 92 and my inspiration

I did my first half this year at the age of 46 and at 250 lbs. 2:54 the only thing stopping you is you.

Absolutely not-go for it!!! My best running was done in my late 40’s. I’m now 63 and still going strong!!!!!!

Honey you are never to old to run! I will be 41 this year and am doing my first full! I started running a year ago and have done 2 half, 3 10k and 2 5k. I am a smoker and I have to say I am almost done with that because I want more from my running! Do it!

Never too old. I’m 46 I’ve ran off and on randomly since my twenties. I call myself a “runner-wanna-be”. Last fall I ran my first half marathon and this April I ran my first full. Find a training plan. They say 90%mental and 10%physical. Stay positive. And like my 16 yr old told me “don’t try to keep up with Miss Bethany, mom, she’s too fast for you. Run your own race, keep your own pace” So-go for it! And have fun. Drink water the day before and don’t skip the water stations along the way 🙂

Please don’t ever think you’re too old. I started a few years ago and at 42, somehow got myself to Boston this year (maybe because it’s easier to qualify when you’re older). You are as old as you let yourself to think. The skies the limit:)

Honey age is only a number, NOT a definition of who you are or what you can do…if you have to ask your too old then you have a hell of alot of go left, you will know when it is time to slow down, you don’t have to ask, just never quit

I started at 52 and still running at 60… I’ve run about 20 Half marathons, Lots of 5K, 10K’s .. Don’t forget to get out there and try some Mud Runs, obstacle courses, trail runs .. why not give it all a try?? It opens up to many adventures and meeting incredible people.. Good Luck and G0 FOR IT !!

Age is just a number. My dad will be 78 in December and is still running! In fact, he ran the Twin Cities Marathon last year with my sister. You need to go for it!

I ran my first half at 41 and my first full at 45 and I have type 1 diabetes! You can totally do it!

You’ll only fail if you allow yourself to fail. Set those goals and go get them…

I turned 43 in May. I have only been running since June 2013… In January I ran my first street full, in March I ran an extreme trail full. I have also ran 4 half marathons between October and March. You can do it!!

Not at all… I just ran my first half marathon this year at 46 years old. Best feeling in the world!! Go for it!

Age is just a number. I am 45 years old and I switched from walking to running in 2007. I am training for 14th half marathon. There are people in my running club who are older than me that win their age group.

I’m 46 -Never too old! Took up running again 3 years ago I have done a few 10k s and half marathons and completed my first Marathon in May. Just go for it and follow a plan!

At 43 I barely started running and did a half that same year. I’m not speedy but have done 5 halves now at the age of 46.

I started running at 38. When I turned 40 I ran my first full this past November and doing it again at 41! Age is just a number! You’re never too old to run!! I’ve seen plenty of people with at least 20 years on me put me to shame! Just keep training and you can only get more awesome!

Of course no, I’m 46 and I ran my 7th half last April and my 10th is going to be my first full marathon. Just do it!

Started running at age 46 and ran my first 50k within my first year of running! My 74 year old mother is still running marathons and 50k’s… NEVER TOO OLD!!

I am doing my 1st half in September and I will be 41 and have been running for 3 years too. I don’t think we are too old, age just a number, we just have to take care of ourselves better than if we were 20

I have only been running since I was 49. Did my 1st marathon on my 50th birthday. I am 54 now and did my 1st 50k in march and next week I have my 1st 55k. So no, you are not too old. Run, run, run!

More mature runners are faster from what I’ve read Twi…..go hard and be your fearless, focused best. You will rock this.

Absolutely not too old! I ran my first marathon when I was 50! I’m 53 and training for my 5th 26.2

No I just started running when I was your age and I completed a lot of marathons and half marathons since then

I’m 48 and my sister is 51. Started running last August and she quit smoking last September. We have done 5ks and a 10k and doing a 14k in Sept and a half in October. You can do anything

Age is nothing but a number. I’m 52 and have my 2nd 10klm on 26th July . No training between this one and my last one in May due to a chronic illness. I’m slower than a snail but I still do it. For me it’s not about times it’s about completing the klms. You can do it!!!

NO! I did my first half at age 55 and have done 2 more since then. For me it’s not about the time (although I do set a goal finishing time) but the experience and the fact I complete it. I’m going to do the Williams Route 66 half in November. Thinking about doing the full when I turn 66 – I gotta few years yet for that one!

Nope because 2 years ago, I was 42 and out of shape but I did a Spartan Race in August 2013. This opened my eyes and challenged me to get off the couch. 4 months later in Dec 2013, I completed a full marathon. In March 2014, I completed a Spartan Sprint (3+ miles). In April 2014, I completed a half marathon. In August 2014, I did a Spartan Super (8+ miles) and Spartan Beast (12+ miles) earning me a Spartan Race Trifecta medal. You’re not old. And Harriet Thompson is 92 years old who just completed a marathon smile emoticon So, you got this and have fun! A marathon will change your life!

It’s never too late!!!!! I did my first at 42-43 I just did my first full this ur at 46! Keep on keeping on!

43? Too old? There are people in their 80’s & 90’s running marathons!!! You’re NEVER too old to run if you can do it. Good luck on your first 10 jet. You’ll kill it!!

Nope I did my first at 45 so do it never think about age just do what you want.

No way! I started running again 2.5 years ago and I am now 44. Ran my first half last October and am doing my second one this October!!

As long as you are able to still run and you still enjoy it, go for it. Age is just a number anyway. Don’t let it define you. Have a wonderful birthday!

No way! Do it! I’m doing the same thing and I’m 66! I just did a 5k and there were 2 men in the crowd, one is 70 & the other is 80! Good luck!

You are never too old! I’m 43 and I’ve always been a runner, but nothing ever over 10km. Two years ago I started trail running and entering events. At the beginning of last year I had a couple of half marathons under my belt, by July I had done a marathon, and then in September I completed the 100km solo Surf Coast Century! Never in a million years did I even think I would EVER run a marathon, let alone 100! Put your heart in it, smile, and you can do anything! Good luck

No way…i started running at 40….i have done many 5/10k’s, a triathlon, 15 half marathons&2 fulls this year…i am blessed to run Boston next April…GO FOR IT!!! U r awesome!!!

I ran my first half at age 45. Doesn’t matter what age. Put your mind to it and you can do it.

NO, running is for all age; you’re just setting yourself up for more happiness and making lots of new friends. (I just run a full one as a challenge for my 40th birthday this year)…welcome to the club…

I’m 58, started running 4 years ago (i had NEVER run before that.)and have run 2 half marathons. I did walk part of them but it was not a fail. Do a half and see what you think. I know you can do it.

I ran my first 1/2 marathon at 41. I will begin training for my second in a few weeks and I’m 42. You’re NEVER too old. Listen to your body.

I am 45 and Just completed my first year of running, includes 3 half marathons… You are more than ready.

NO WAY. I just ran my 5th Marathon in April of this year and I am 53 yrs young, hoping to complete many more. Keep it up and you will be running a Marathon before you know it!

not at all, im 49 and been running 2 years. I ran my first half marathon 12 days ago (trail running too) and there were plenty of over 40.s running.. I know i wont win any races or even place,,actually im more towards the rear.. but thats ok.. im loving my running and the fact im out there doing it is much more important.. so get out there girt and give it a go.. good luck

I am 63 this month didn’t start running seriously for the last 3 years. Joined running group, I have now ran 2 ….1/2 Marathon’s. Training for full Marathon this October. Running is therapy for myself and a mind set you need to have to run. I have now ran over 500 miles. Enjoying LIFE!!!

no just saw a lady just finished a long distance ultra race and she was 71 !!! so lace up the sneakers go at your pace enjoy your race and become the awesome you are dreaming !!! You got this !!!

Absolutely not!! I ran a half after training for only 20 wks! I started running at 39 yrs old, did a half to begin with because my sister in law was running it. I loved it and finished in 2:30! I’ve done a 10k, and 3 half’s so far. You can do it because you want to. Mind over matter. You are a runner. It’s not about age or how fast u go! Good luck!

I started at 51. Im 55 now. I do halfs, am in training for first marathon in OCT and eye on a 50 miler next year. Guildhun a 70 year old women just made a record for being the oldest woman to finish The western States 100, a 100 mile run. How about Harriett! 92 year old who finished a marathon. the list goes on. So do it!! you wont regret it

You’re definitely not too old. The first half marathon I ran was when I was 46 years old. Measure your success only against yourself. If your properly train your limit is only what you decide it is.

Go for it!! age is simply a number. I am 41 and will be running my first half this october. Skeered and excited. I say do it, be proud and tell us about it so we can all be motivated!

You are not too old! But I think you might already know that. We get insecure and stall on trying new things, I know I did, but you will be fine, maybe sign up for a half THIS YEAR and start one of the many 12 week training plans. Strength train so you dont injure your knees or hips or anything like that and go for it. You are ready, if you are asking the question, you are ready.

No. Keep going. I’ve only been running a year and I have my first half in December. I will be 45 by then. = ) I’m giving it my all!!!!

I started running at 44 and completed my first half marathon at age 45 and just shy of 12 months of running. You got this if you have proper training. Step by running step!

I’m 46 I’ve been running for 4 yrs. I’ve done fourteen 5Ks & 10Ks and 1 half.and I lift..healthier than I’ve ever been…. Don’t doubt just stretch really well know your body’s limits pay attention to your body…

My first full was at 49 and will be running/walking my second next month with my mom who is 73 (her first). Never to old

Run on sister !! I’m 58 and started when I was 53. Done multiple 5ks and 7 half marathons . Just remember… You’re lapping everyone on the couch !

I’m 49 and training for my first half. I also have been running for 3 years. Age is just a number, it’s all how you feel. You got this!

I am 53 and just signed up for my first full. Did my first half in April and I’ll be 54 when I run the full. I don’t think I’m too old, so neither should you

I couldn’t run a half mile until I was 41. As a less young person we have the diligence for training and tolerance for discomfort i.e. delayed gratification. You were born to run… Go do it.

I’m 45 been running since August 2014 started running driveway to driveway. Lost 65 pounds. Did first half in April 2015 in 3 hours. Best experience ever. Do it

I have a similar thought. I’m almost 41 started running last year. Have Done several 5k’s. I started running with 2 older long distance runner and have worked to about 10 miles. I would like to do a 1/2 but scared that it will take me too long and i will look stupid. How long is a reasonable time to complete a 1/2?

Absolutely not!!! I just turned 42 and started running about 2 years ago. I also have ran a couple of 5Ks and 1 10k, training now for a 1/2 marathon in September. Running just about 8 miles currently. You are never too old to accomplish your dreams, go for it!!!!!!

Heck no girl! That’s my exact story. I’m 43, been running 3 yrs, just ran my first 10k in June and signed up for a 1/2 in October! Never too old! Running has changed my life!

I just turned 44 today, started running 2 yrs ago, lost 60 lbs, have run about 5 1/2 marathons, my fastest being 2:08 I am currently in training for the 2015 NYC marathon, and being only 4’9″ and stocky I am not your typical runner but I think we should dream big or go home, you absolutely can achieve whatever you put your mind to. Wishing you luck and good health

No way! I ran my first half last June at 54 years old, and ran my second in October of that year at 55 and had a personal record. Don’t let age stop you from doing anything!

I, too have been running for three years. I’ve done 10 5Ks, 8 10Ks and 3 Half Marathons. I’m 66. You are way too young to be thinking about being too old!

Too old? I will be 58 in six months and run full marathons, 50k, and team endurance races in the Mojave Desert in temps over 100 degrees. There is chronological age and then the age of your body depending on your fitness level. Cooper Institute reports you can perform up to 15 younger than your age depending on your current age and fitness level. I sometimes pass many participants 10, 20 and 30 years my junior. You can do it.

Absolutely not! I started running half marathons at 44 years old. I will be 47 in 2 months. In 2.5 years I have ran many half marathons & in the last 7 months I have ran 2 full marathons. Age is just a number. Get out there!

My first 10k and half marathon was at 49. I did 3 half marathons at 50. Go for it!! Just take the time to train and find the right fluids and calorie sources for you. Good luck!

I stated running a year ago and ran my first marathon in dec and second in february… third planned for sept – 3 days before my 41st birthday…. you’re soooo not too old – a runner is a runner for life! !

No. I’m hoping when i turn 60 I’d like to do a full marathon. My only concern is the RA. But I’m too grumy to let it control me but there some days i wonder.

I started at 42 and at 43 completed my first half. At 44 I’ve completed 2 halfs with 2 more scheduled before my 45th birthday. I’ve done everything between 5k to 13.1 runs not including training runs. Don’t know when I’ll stop but no plans anytime soon. Running has become a part of my me time as well as therapy at times. I started as a challenge because I never liked running. There are still days I don’t like it when I’m doing it but I love the feeling of completion and I keep going back for more.Never too old. Never too late as long as you have breath. Ignore the negative voices in your head and people. Do you.

Doing my first full next month at age 43. If I’m too old, no one told me. I’m frequently flying by people in their 20s and 30s in my 10ks and halfs. It’s all about following a good training plan.

No way. I started running at age 45 and ran my first full marathon at age 50 this year. You can do it!!!!!

Hell no. If you feel good and can run, you run. If you feel down, but can run, you run. I’m 44 and can remember many times being passed by people in their 70’s or older and it reminds me just how young I am and how I hope I’m doing that at their age. Keep on running, the only barrier is the mind if you let it be so.

I’m 46 and have spent the last 2.5 years running only 5km 2-3 X per week. I’ve decided to do the Dublin Marathon in October so have been following a half marathon training programme for the last two months and it’s been tough but brilliant at the same time. First half in three weeks, second one in September and then I’ll be 47 doing the full. So it’s never too late, one is never too old, just be sensible, mind yourself and enjoy your rest days, they are just as important as the running ones!

Not at all.. I’ve been also running 3 yrs.. I turn 40 next month.. did my first marathon last fall and just finished my 2nd a couple weeks of go. You can definitely do it!!!

No! I’ve been running for 3 years as well. I’ve done a handful of 5 k’s , a 5 miler, and last year I ran my first half w/ a pr of 200:22. I’m 47! Age has nothing to do w/ it! Go for it!

No! I ran my first half this year at age 56. I’ve been running for about 2 years and have also run a few 5k and one 10k.

Age is just a number! You can do it. I just started running again after almost 15 yrs. I already ran a 5K and am training for a half in Sept. I am turning 54 this weekend. You can do it!!

Never too old to run Training properly is the key to running successfully especially when you decide to run a half or full marathon runners world magazine gives great tips on training or go to your local runner store they can advise you –Good Luck !

Never! I just started a couple years ago myself and have done the shorter distances as well as 5 1/2’s. This October I will be running my 1st marathon! And for my 40th birthday, the weekend of, I will be running the Disney runs in Orlando…the 5k, 10k, and the half! You do the training and work for it no age is too old!

Absolutely not. I did my first half at 40 and did another this year at 45 with a another planned for November. Go for it. Train properly. Be positive. You got this.

I am 60 and have run more in the last decade than in my entire life. Stay active and never give up on yourself!

Starting running at age 50 and have been running just over a year. I have completed several 5k’s, a 10K, 15K, and 3 half-marathons . You can do it too!

I am 53 and I’ve run three 1/2 marathons over 3 years, this year I’m running 3 over 3 months. You are NOT to old, keep loving it, make the most of it, put your mind to it and your body will follow. Train smart, you can do it!

I ran my first half marathon at 37. Now, I’ll be running my first marathon 2 weeks before I turn 41. You can do it, too. smile emoticon

Never to old. Running, jump rope, Barbie dolls. Do what ever you want and be awesome.

Are you kidding?!? I started running last year. One month after I turned 42, I just turned 43. I’ve run 5 5K’s and want to run s 10k, and really a half by next year! Let’s do it girl!!!

Um no. I started running at age 47. I am 49 now and will be 50 in November. Last year I ran 12 Half marathons, several 5ks and 10ks and my first full marathon. This year I have already run 7 half marathons and several other shorter races and have 6 more half marathons in the fall and winter. And I’m walking the Susan G Komen 3Day for the cure in September. I’m not a skinny girl. By far. But I decided I’d be an athlete and I’m proving it every day. You can do whatever you decide you want to as long as you have enough determination. Make a reasonable doable plan. And then be flexible with it. Things will happen. Mine was a non running related injury. You adjust, you revise your plan and expectations as needed. You will succeed.

I started running at 48. I’m now 60, and have run too many 5Ks and 10Ks to count, numerous half marathons and several marathons, the Goofy Challenge, and the Dopey Challenge. I’m now in triathlon training, and I love it! Don’t let your age be a limitation!

With determination you can do anything! I began running when I was 36. I am now 41 and have run several 5k’s and 10k’s and 3 half-marathons, each time shaving 30 minutes off my PR. I’d like to work up to a marathon. It just takes putting one foot in front of the other and saying “Yes, I can do this!” every step of the way. It’s kind of addictive once you get started. Running friends are the best!

I started running at the “ripe old age” of 43. I am now 47, and I have now run 4 half marathons, and am training for my first full marathon. Please strive for the goal! Pursue your dreams!

I ran my first marathon at 55, my second at 56 & my third will be at 57. Age only becomes an issue when our brain convince us of that! As long as you are in good health, keep moving!!

My first half was at 51. Now done 9 with 2 more planned. I’ll never be fast but that doesn’t matter. Maybe a marathon? Who knows. Never say never.

Marathon last year at 50, so are just a baby. Don’t think about age or pace just about all the wonderful people you meet and the places you go.

Get your run on. I ran my first half last November on my 47th birthday! Never too old!

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