Beginning Runner – Just Started with Running

I am just starting. I have never ran before and wanting to run a 5k someday.

Even the best runners in the world were beginners at one point. Good first step. Keep it going.

Welcome and go get fitted for shoes…just remember, they do not need broken in. Also download c25k. We are here for you.

I have done both of those. Having a problem with my knees. Trying not to push it to fast. I walk every night at least 2 to 3 miles.

I was about 25 when I first started running. I could only make it two blocks away from my house and 2 blocks back! Now I can run ten miles . My best advice is ease into it the slowest you can and in the beginning never run two days in a row or too far. Do squats and some core work to stave off injuries and make sure you go to a running store and have them tell you what shoes would be best and make sure they are quality and only used for running! Hope this helps, wish I had known some of this advice.

Should I start out with a knee brace?

Keep working in your quads and remember when you land to let your knee bend with the land ever so slightly (don’t keep it stuff)…. But if you work your quads, core, calves and ankles… Your muscles will absorb a lot more impact

I went to a running shop and was measured and the recommended Brooks running shoes. Very comfortable.

It may put ur mind at ease to have one. I have had acl repair and meniscus repair on my left knee and need some kind of repair on my right, but my knees are ok running. I wear Brooks:)

My husband went to a chiropractor and they did wonders for his knee pain.

If the brace is uncomfortable, try a compression sleeve. I found it to be less irritating and kept swelling down.

Love my brooks too 🙂 I’ve got glycerines and adrenalines

I am 52 and have never done any exercise. So I’m sure it’s a way my body is saying with.

You will run a 5k and you will need to let us know once you have. Good luck! This group has been so motivating for me. I started running a year ago and have just signed up for my first 1/2 marathon. Good luck to you! Keep us posted!

It sounds like you are starting off on the right foot being open to advice and having the courage and will power to start!

Don’t forget to cross train as well

Get the Couch to 5K app on your phone and start with that. It really helped me a lot. welcome aboard!!

I love my Brooks Ravenna’s!! Very stable shoe.

why don’t you pick a 5K and sign up? You can walk or walk/run it if you need to and it will give a goal, rather than just the dream of “someday”. Good luck and happy running!

YES! Sign up! That’s how I did my first 5k, and I was able to run the whole thing. It helps hold u accountable for training

Totally agree…pick something and set that as your goal! It appears that you live around the same area that I do (we have a mutual friend)…there are MANY 5k’s in this area! You can do it!!

You can totally do this!!! Every runner has to begin somewhere and the 5K was a prefect start for me. Run or walk enjoy every mile. “The Miracle isn’t that I Finished. The Miracle is that I had the Courage to Start”

Make sure you have good running shoes and use them only for running. Couch to 5k works awesome. I learned the hard way about sneakers.

I did the couch to 5k app in August and am going to run my first half in October. I highly recommend the app, and sign up for a race!

If I can do it you can do it trust me:-)

Sign up for a 5 k ….it will inspire you to run more. Maybe there is a running group or a running class in your area. I enjoyed learning with others and was encouraged every step of the way.

You will be there before you know it! Just keep going.

You found a great place for motivation and answers, the people here are so inspiring, helpful and amazing.. I’m a newbie too but have been running with a group for about 9 weeks, if I can do it you can.. and don’t get caught up in pace yada yada just enjoy the run the rest will come.. Congrats and welcome!

We all have to start somewhere. You are running laps around those on the couch

You’ve come to the right place. Ask away and you will get all kinds of good advice

I’m doing my first 5k on April 26…. the couch to 5k apparently has helped ALOT. Good luck!

Welcome!!! You’ll definitely run a 5k and farther if you like..the body achieves what the mind believes!!

You’ll get there. One day at a time, one foot in front if the other, old you in the rear view. Run well and in good health.

Slow and steady can and will win any race!! Looking forward to supporting you and being there to kick you in the ass ..when needed lol.. as you start your journey!!

Never ran either! Been addicted now for 3 yrs, My 1st 5k I placed 2nd in my age group, never would I have imagined! Did a Half last year. On a whim! 2 weeks before I signed up! Furtherest I ran was 9 miles, until the day of my half! I was last, but I didn’t stop or walk! You can do it., I am still proud of my last place! Lol I haven’t ran lots of races, but they are fun, and you will be so proud of YOU, be like Nike , find one and just do it!

Welcome to running, keep us posted on how things are going. This is a great group and there is a lot of knowledge to be shared!!

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