13.1, One Tough Mama with Turtle Charm


13.1 One Tough Mom Trio sums up what it takes. You have to be “One Tough Mama” to Run a Half Marathon!

Are you tough enough?

Comes on a Sterling Silver Chain and Favorite Run Gift Box.

The turtle has endured longest on earth is a symbol of wisdom, endurance, wealth and long life. The 13.1,One Tough Mama with Turtle Charm necklace will resonate in you the strength of its sign. Perfectly and beautifully reflecting your own determination as “One Tough Mama” all set to run the Half Marathon, it will be a sign of your own as your feet pound the track sure to bring awe with its exquisite craftsmanship. It comes on a beautiful Sterling Silver Chain and has two sterling silver charms with “13.1” and “One Tough Mama” carved in it respectively hooked on sure to motivate you and resonate who you are within. The cute lucky turtle charm will accentuate your movements and highlight your connect to nature. You are amazing. You are one tough mama and you could also gift this beauty to a loved one as it comes in the perfect blue Favorite Run Gift Box.


Black Stretch Cord for $36.95, 16" Bead Chain for $45.95, 18" Bead Chain for $47.95


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