Persevere Charm Trio with distance



Persevere, Never Give Up. YOU CAN DO IT!
The power to persevere is the power of the mind over body.

“How long should you try? Until.”

Beautiful Sterling Silver trio of charms. Shown on a Sterling Silver bead chain. Our most popular chain.
Different size and shapes of charms gives balance and adds interest.
Create your own conversation piece!

When it gets harder, go harder. When it gets harder still, clutch the Persevere Charm Trio 26.2 Necklace and keep on pushing. The finishing line is waiting. All it takes is perseverance to get there. These three persevere jewelry charms come together to give you encouragement mile after mile. The persevere necklace includes a 26.2 mile marker to remind you of your goal when you’re training or giving it your all during a race. The Never Give Up round charm gives you wearable words of encouragement and the Persevere bar charm provides a final touch of style and inspiration. The necklace includes a matching sterling silver ball chain.


26.2 distance charm, 13.1 distance charm, 10k distance charm, 5k distance charm


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