Will Run For Beer Medal Display


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Whether you’re a hophead or a barley buff, there’s a frothy fun beer run for all brew-loving runners. There’s no greater reward than a nice cold pint at the finish line. You earned it, you deserve it.

How many medals does a display hold?
12″ size = 8-12 medals
18″ size = 12-18 medals
24″ size = 18-24 medals
30″ size = 20-30 medals

Ordering a “3 hanger bar” display will triple these figures, and will come with clear plastic ribbon clips to shorten or stagger the lengths of the ribbons.

What does Cut to Order mean?

Cut To Order means we don’t make it until you order it. Order processing typically takes 3 to 8 business days. Once your order is processed, domestic shipping can take between 2 and 8 business days to arrive at your door. Most domestic orders are shipped via FedEx.


18" wide with 1 hanger bar for $70, 18" wide with 3 hanger bars for $80, 24" wide with 1 hanger bar for $80, 24" wide with 3 hanger bars for $95, 30" wide with 1 hanger bar for $95, 30" wide with 3 hanger bars for $105


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