Persevere Charm Trio 13.1


Persevere, Never Give Up, YOU CAN DO IT!

You have to believe it to achieve it!

Beautiful Sterling Silver trio of charms- different sizes and shapes gives balance and adds interest!
Create your own conversation piece!
customer testimonial:

“The half marathon necklace was a gift from a very dear friend. It means so much more to me than proclaiming that I completed some half marathons. I have always run casually, mostly just to get some activity, usually registering for a couple of short, fun races a year, nothing major. I have never considered myself athletic at all. A couple of years ago my mom was diagnosed and subsequently succumbed to ALS, running became something so much more to me. I ran to meditate, to find peace, to pray, to give praise, to acknowledge blessings, to grieve losses, and because other people can’t. A couple of months after my mom lost her fight I ran my first half marathon, within 3 weeks I also ran my second and third…and I am still challenging myself and finding my balance in running. My simple, yet beautiful “My Favorite Run Half Marathon necklace” represents so much to me.

M Meyer”


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